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Kirby Araullo is a UC Davis student (of History, War & Peace Studies, and, Asian American Studies), a guerrilla filmmaker, the basis of the KD measurement, sometimes a turtle, sometimes a dolphin, sometimes a monkey, but, popularly known as the pink ball from Nintendo that devours almost anything and everything he wants. As a Guerrilla filmmaker his works have appeared and received critical acclaim in student and independent film festivals both in California and in the Philippines. As a proud Filipino of Kapampangan descent, he loves to experiment in the kitchen with whatever ingredients he can find then post the picture of the final product on his social networking accounts so look for him on twitter, instagram, lookbook, tumblr, etc.
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Two Weeks Before PCN.. (by Kirby Araullo)

Here is the first among a series of vlogs I’m doing on UC Davis Mga Kapatid’s 26th Annual Pilipino Culture Night entitled “Walang Kapalit” (irreplaceable).

Right now we only have less than two weeks til showtime.. needless to say.. I’M EXCITED!

Come to our PCN this coming May 3rd & 4th as we explore the story of the historic International Hotel in San Francisco! :)

(see video description for details or click on this link for the Facebook Event page

  1. bobbyjonc said: Since we, in the Philippines, can’t watch PCN, can your group have it filmed?
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