not just the pink ball kirby...

Kirby Araullo is a UC Davis student (of History, War & Peace Studies, and, Asian American Studies), a guerrilla filmmaker, the basis of the KD measurement, sometimes a turtle, sometimes a dolphin, sometimes a monkey, but, popularly known as the pink ball from Nintendo that devours almost anything and everything he wants. As a Guerrilla filmmaker his works have appeared and received critical acclaim in student and independent film festivals both in California and in the Philippines. As a proud Filipino of Kapampangan descent, he loves to experiment in the kitchen with whatever ingredients he can find then post the picture of the final product on his social networking accounts so look for him on twitter, instagram, lookbook, tumblr, etc.
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API(A) Visibility Project (set 1 of 6)

The Asian Pacific Islander (American), API(A) Visibility Project seeks to dispel stereotypes and myths targeting Asian Americans that continue to marginalize, oppress, and ultimately invisibilize the current condition of Asian Americans. We hope that this project will open the eyes of its viewers and challenge how people view and think of Asian Americans.

The participants in the project are current API(A) identified undergraduate students and professors at the University Of California, Davis.

The project is led by BRIDGE: Pilipin@ Outreach & Retention at the Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC), in partnership with the Cross Cultural Center at UC Davis for the annual Asian Pacific Culture Week (APCW).

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