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Kirby Araullo is a UC Davis student (of History, War & Peace Studies, and, Asian American Studies), a guerrilla filmmaker, the basis of the KD measurement, sometimes a turtle, sometimes a dolphin, sometimes a monkey, but, popularly known as the pink ball from Nintendo that devours almost anything and everything he wants. As a Guerrilla filmmaker his works have appeared and received critical acclaim in student and independent film festivals both in California and in the Philippines. As a proud Filipino of Kapampangan descent, he loves to experiment in the kitchen with whatever ingredients he can find then post the picture of the final product on his social networking accounts so look for him on twitter, instagram, lookbook, tumblr, etc.
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Look at #YuriAndKoko, so cozy. They’ve been napping like this for the past 2 hours :P
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Took a break from packing and did some home improvements for #YuriAndKoko #thetwinpiglets :) (at quéti quécami)

Look what finally came in today! A big thanks to everyone who supported! Yee will be posting updates soon :)
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  • Magnanakaw: Holdap, make bigay all your thingies! Don’t make galaw or I will make tusok you!
  • Magnanakaw 2: make suko, we made you napaligiran!
  • Impeachement trial: You are so asar! I’m galit na to you
  • Raliyista: Let’s make baka, don’t be takot! Don’t be sossy, join the rally!

R.I.P. Lolo Boy. I love and will miss you sooo much! You will always be one of my favorite granduncles <3 :’(

Tell Tatang/Lolo Citong, Lolo Ben & Lolo Balag I miss & love them too! (at quéti quécami)

Daddy and me time with #YuriAndKoko*
#TheTwinPiglets teehee…

*We decided to name them after the great Yuri Kochiyama :) (at quéti quécami)

Meet #TheTwinPiglets :) #inseperable (at quéti quécami)

Only 3 hours left to purchase one and help us raise funds for a #TyphoonHaiyan mission trip with #RiseUpAtUCD :)
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How easy was it for you to access condoms in college? Whether you had to nab one form your roommate or get one from the campus health center, it’s easy to have safe sex in college if you know where to get your condoms from!


How easy was it for you to access condoms in college? Whether you had to nab one form your roommate or get one from the campus health center, it’s easy to have safe sex in college if you know where to get your condoms from!

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Eid Mubarak to all the Ethiopian Muslims who made it through another Ramadan in a nation state that criminalizes their existence and actively seeks to tarnish their holy month with its violence, to all the Eritrean Muslims whose bodies suffer the consequences of the USA’s inhumane sanctions against a government whose corruption is not their fault, to all the Somali Muslims whose prayers are sometimes drowned out by drone strikes.

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The Peer Advocates are a group of high school students who are trained by health educators at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles to serve as resources for sexual and reproductive health information in their schools and communities.

We asked the Peer Advocates about the most common misconceptions of teens and what they would like people to know about them. Here is what they said!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't suppose you know where I can access help as a man in an abusive relationship in the UK? I'm literally terrified of my boyfriend. I want to leave him but I can't because his name is on the mortgage of the house. I can't go home because my parents kicked me out when I came out and I can't find a shelter where I can go. I'm at my wit's end - please if you know any resources or anything, I'll be eternally grateful.
kirbyaraullo kirbyaraullo Said:


hey, sorry it took me a while to respond to you. I found a few websites that might be of help ”an LGBT domestic violence charity” for men affected by domestic violence, they also offer support options have a page for gay and bisexual men experiencing domestic abuse

hopefully one of those orgs will be able to help you with housing and working out property divisions. If you’re able, I would strongly recommend seeing a lawyer (a community lawyer may be free or at least low cost) to find out what your rights are. Even if the mortgage is in his name, if you’ve been living together for a certain period of time you may have some legal entitlement to it and other assets, especially those you both collected while together. Please let me know if this is of any help and what happens, keeping you in my thoughts xo


Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]

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San Francisco Marches in Solidarity with Gaza (#SF4Gaza 07/20/14)
Over 6,000 people gathered in San Francisco to protest in solidarity with the people of Palestine. On the same day 99 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks on Gaza.

"No matter our politics, we must take the side of humanity, which encompasses us all, and demand an end to all violence which occurs, implicitly, in our name."






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