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Kirby Araullo is a UC Davis student (of History, War & Peace Studies, and, Asian American Studies), a guerrilla filmmaker, the basis of the KD measurement, sometimes a turtle, sometimes a dolphin, sometimes a monkey, but, popularly known as the pink ball from Nintendo that devours almost anything and everything he wants. As a Guerrilla filmmaker his works have appeared and received critical acclaim in student and independent film festivals both in California and in the Philippines. As a proud Filipino of Kapampangan descent, he loves to experiment in the kitchen with whatever ingredients he can find then post the picture of the final product on his social networking accounts so look for him on twitter, instagram, lookbook, tumblr, etc.
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San Francisco Marches in Solidarity with Gaza (#SF4Gaza 07/20/14)
Over 6,000 people gathered in San Francisco to protest in solidarity with the people of Palestine. On the same day 99 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks on Gaza.

"No matter our politics, we must take the side of humanity, which encompasses us all, and demand an end to all violence which occurs, implicitly, in our name."






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My name is Kirby Araullo, I’m a #Kapampangan from a country now called the #Philippines. A hundred years ago the United States betrayed the trust of my people and our right to self determination. Millions of my people died in an act of #genocide. Many of whom were innocent women and children. History is repeating, I will not be complicit. I #SupportGaza.

[Image from the Jolo Massacre of March 10 1906. On this day alone more than 600 unarmed muslim villagers including women and children were slaughtered by the US Army] (at quĂ©ti quĂ©cami)

Popped his cherry! @babe_the_abe’s first #Teabo. (at Teabo CafĂ©)

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Editing together about 200 video clips @rednowoman and I were able to take at the #SF4Gaza march last Sunday. More than 6,000 people strong with one collective voice, demanding for #Freedom, #Peace and #Justice in #Palestine.

#SF4Gaza #solidarity <3 (at San Francisco, CA)

Found these last night. Will be reppin my #Kapampangan colors* at the #SF4Gaza march today :)

*Yes, we Kapampangans have our own flag with the colors red, yellow & green (apart from the Filipino flag). #solidarity

Last Friday we had the honor of standing in #solidarity and at the same time raising awareness and aid for the innocent children in #Palestine. We stood our ground for almost two hours and it was truly a heartwarming and uplifting experience. A big s/o to our brothers and sisters of Wudang West for being so welcoming and such amazing beautiful people! ♄ (at San Francisco City Hall)

That awkward moment when #LouietheBeaglePug sits on your face…


Hatred Against Jews?

Kirby responds to being called anti-Semitic. Like / Reblog  / Subscribe if you liked anything in this video! *wink*

Purchase a solidarity shirt and raise aid for the innocent people of Palestine:

Proceeds will be donated through the “Palestine Projects” of the United Muslim Relief ( 

You can also support our Typhoon Haiyan Rebuilding Mission trip to the Philippines by purchasing a shirt:

or donating directly at:

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For #dinner I made #Sigang Paro (#Kapampangan) a.k.a. #Sinigang na Hipon (Tagalog). Also filmed it for our new vlog segment called #FeedMeFridays, coming soon on #youtube *wink*
[Paro and Hipon both mean #shrimp] :P (at quéti quécami)

Less than 4 hours is left. You have until 11:59pm (Pacific Standard Time) to order these #solidarity shirts. Proceeds will be donated for the people of #Palestine through the United Muslim Relief organization. Innocent people in #Gaza are suffering, help us raise awareness and aid. Thank you! ;) (at UC Davis)