not just the pink ball kirby...

Kirby Araullo is a UC Davis student (of History, War & Peace Studies, and, Asian American Studies), a guerrilla filmmaker, the basis of the KD measurement, sometimes a turtle, sometimes a dolphin, sometimes a monkey, but, popularly known as the pink ball from Nintendo that devours almost anything and everything he wants. As a Guerrilla filmmaker his works have appeared and received critical acclaim in student and independent film festivals both in California and in the Philippines. As a proud Filipino of Kapampangan descent, he loves to experiment in the kitchen with whatever ingredients he can find then post the picture of the final product on his social networking accounts so look for him on twitter, instagram, lookbook, tumblr, etc.
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Have you tried our Pumpkin Spice Milky Way? Come get yours now at @LaziCow!
S/o to our special guest model @famoussamos! :P

We also have fundraisers going on all day for the Davis Aggie Lions Club and Filipinos In Liberal Arts and Humanities :)

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Thanks for dropping by @famoussamos!! We hope you enjoyed your #bricktoast! :) ♡♡♡ #MOSfam #seshone #seshjuan #szechuan #ssi2012 :P (at Lazi Cow)

Check out our new line of Milk Teas, now available at #LaziCow!
#MooMilkTea (Black Milk Tea), #CloverPrairieMilkTea* (Jasmine Milk Tea) and #CowTella (#Nutella #MilkTea)!
Today we’re open 3pm-1am :) @lazicow

*Oops mispelled this one on the cup lol

One fresh cup of #CowFee (#VietnameseIcedCoffee) for our nextdoor neighbor, #MotownBarbers!
Check them out, they have a $10 haircut deal for students! :D (at Lazi Cow)

When there isn’t a line at #LaziCow we would often decorate our cups with drawings and stuff. I mostly write words in ancient indigenous scripts from the Philippines *wink*
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Tonight at #LaziCow we are handing out #free samples of our #MilkTea! We do plan on serving Milk Tea but we just haven’t “perfected” our recipe yet ‘cause we only want the best for you!
So come by grab a free sample and let us know what you think :)
See you at @lazicow! (at Lazi Cow)

Mateo our favorite #Taco Man will be back here at #LaziCow this Thursday Night! :) (at Lazi Cow)

Look who was in town! Thanks for the visit B! ♡♡♡ have a safe trip back to SoCal hehehe ingat! (at B Street)

#homecooked #pho on my day off :P
Thanks @ckyyang! (at quéti quécami)

Earlier we passed out free samples of our #VietnameseIcedCoffee to our customers :)
We call it the #Cowfee! It’s part of our secret menu!
#LaziCow #secretmenu #coffee @lazicow (at Lazi Cow)

#BrickToast Assembly Line! Never seen so many brick toast made in a day! We sold out way before our closing last night, if you haven’t tried our brick toast at #LaziCow yet… well I guess you’re missing out lol so come get yours soon! Today @LaziCow opens at 2pm :)
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This wall is dedicated to displaying artworks by #UCDavis students and alumni ;)
If you would like to have your masterpieces displayed here #LaziCow contact me and don’t forget to add us on facebook and instagram! @LaziCow :D (at Lazi Cow)

#BrickToast gone in 60 seconds! ;)
(at Lazi Cow)

Here is a sneak peek of our Premium Teas at @LaziCow! This is what we call #StrawberryPeachy! Come get yours tonight! We open at 6pm :)
P.s. some of our stamp cards have special marks to indicate #FREE Drinks! Otherwise all our drinks are for only $1 each (cash only). We can’t wait to serve y’all happiness a cup at a time! ;) (at Lazi Cow)

This bus smells sooo brand new! You know what else is new? @LaziCow!! And tonight we open for you! :P
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